A year ago I was referred to Kirsten and at the time had a significant shoulder injury that I was battling with. I also had a recurring back issue, which saw me go overseas in a wheelchair the year before. The decision to see Kirsten three times a week for personal training has honestly been one of the smartest moves ever. I have never been a gym or exercise person so I would be lying if I said that I was in any way enthusiastic. I simply saw it as necessary in order to age as healthily as possible after having led a fairly sedentary life so far. Kirsten’s enthusiasm has been a winner and I won’t miss a session unless I have to. She is hugely knowledgeable and does ongoing research, which makes our sessions interesting and varied. On top of that she is just lovely to work with and makes it fun and goal orientated. At this stage I have no physical pain at all and am doing things like running regularly that I never would have dreamt of doing previously. In fact I am taking enormous pride in being a ‘gym’ girl and loving it. The benefits have been significant and I think Kirsten is stuck with me for life!!!! Kirsten you are amazing and I feel very grateful for your ongoing guidance and wisdom.

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