Take care of your body. Its the only place you have to live. Just like an investment you need to start investing in your old age. The more muscle you build, the more fat you burn. Greater forces are placed on the bones and increased calcium intake will result you having a greater bone density. Not only are the sessions fun, but they push you out of your comfort zone. Making you feel muscles you didn’t know existed. Leaving your endorphins on a high and coming back for more. It is never too late to start no matter you age, weight or fitness level.


Monday5amX-FITKirsten/ Wayne JOIN NOW
Monday5pmX-FITKirstenJOIN NOW
Monday6- 7pmKickboxing/ Jiu Jiitsu (PMB)DeonJOIN NOW
Monday6-7pmJiu Jitsu (HILTON)AndriesJOIN NOW
Tuesday5:30 – 6:30 pmKick BoxingWayneJOIN NOW
Wednesday5amX-FITKirsten/ Wayne JOIN NOW
Wednesday5pmX-FITKirstenJOIN NOW
Wednesday6-7 pmKickboxing (PMB)DeonJOIN NOW
Wednesday6-7 pmJiu Jitsu (HILTON)AndriesJOIN NOW
Thursday5:30 – 6:30 pmKick BoxingWayneJOIN NOW
Thursday6:30 -7:30Contemporary DanceBonwaJOIN NOW
Friday5amX-FITKirsten/ Wayne JOIN NOW


Monday5amX-FITKirsten/ Wayne JOIN NOW
Monday5pmX-FITKirstenJOIN NOW
Monday 6 – 7pmKickboxing/ Jiu Jitsu (PMB)DeonJOIN NOW
Monday6- 7pmJiu Jitsu
Tuesday5:30 am – 6:30 pm Kick BoxingWayneJOIN NOW
Wednesday5amX-FITKirsten/ Wayne JOIN NOW
Wednesday5pmX-FITKirstenJOIN NOW
Wednesday6- 7 pmKickboxing (PMB)DeonJOIN NOW
Wednesday6- 7pmJiu Jitsu (HILTON)AndriesJOIN NOW
Thursday5:30 am – 6:30 pmKick boxingWayneJOIN NOW
Thursday6:30-7:30 pmBonwa Dance CompanyBonwaJOIN NOW
Friday5amX-FITKirsten/ Wayne JOIN NOW


KH Engineering Fitness is owned and run by a passionate individual who wants to see her clients get the best training for their goals and help make it happen. She believes each person has a unique dream and is fully behind each client to help them achieve their goals and make their health, fitness and sporting performance happen. She is qualified and a registered Biokineticist operating as a trainer that helps athletes achieve high performance and any individual reach their goals in a fun, exciting, fresh and functional approach!

Mustang Athletic has joined forces with KH having vast experience in MMA, OCR and kick boxing his energy is contagious and always bringing his A game to the session.



X-FIT – It is time to put some sweat into your training, work your body with a variety of functional movements, exercises that will get your heart pumping and sweat pouring.

Work at your own rate in our scheduled classes that are noted on the timetable. The best thing is there are committed trainers waiting for you at the session to ensure you get the maximal results out of every session.

The sessions welcome all fitness levels, body shapes and sizes. We provide a framework for you to train within your own ability with the aim to get you to realise that you are stronger than you know.


Personal training is more one on one and for someone who has specific goals and needs.

There are group options as well with goals such as training for a marathon or  an Ultra we have workouts tailored for you.

Are you a cyclist? We will teach you how to engage and activate the relevant muscles to be more stable and powerful on the bike and also teach you tools to take along on the road or to your races.


Megan - Cyclist

Before I started training with Kirsten I didn’t actually do any strength exercises. I never saw the importance of strength. Since I’ve started training with her I have improved a lot in my strength and on my bike. I feel much more comfortable…

Frances - SA Champ Cyclist

I started strength and conditioning training with Kirsten last year, first online and then I moved to Hilton where I train with her about 3 times a week. Before, I used to struggle a lot with bad lower back and shoulder pain, as well as a knee…

Ethan - Cyclist

“I have been going to Kirsten for nearly 2 months and already I can feel the difference. I am a competitive cyclist and I have seen a massive improvement in my performance and results.  Since I have been going to her I have felt more comfortable…

Sunique - Cyclist

Since I’ve been training with you I’ve felt so much stronger physically and mentally. I’ve been able to push myself harder in your workouts trying to get better and better and I feel like I’ve achieved personal goals that I have never…


I have consistently trained with Kirsten once a week since the beginning of April.  Apart from being sore and stiff for a few days after a proper session, I could feel a massive difference while training on my road bike - the important muscles…


Spending more time in the gym has immensely helped me to improve my posture on and off the bike. I have noticed a big change in my posture on the bike, having a stronger core and body has made big differences in my racing, especially towards…


“From not sleeping well, battling with aches and pains to now sleeping better, pain has gone and endorphin kicks. I love that it is varied, the company is great and supportive and I can train at my own pace”


“Bootcamp has transformed my life, suffered a back injury for 5 years , became strong and fit enough. I can do things to the extent I would not have considered to do fresh out of school”


” In 4 months I lost 15 kg’s, exercised 3 times a week, adjusted my eating plan and love exercising now”


“Bootcamp has changed my life I lost 20kg’s in 6 months and loads of cm, ran my first 10km and then 21km in 2017”


” Over 7 years of doing Bootcamp 3 x’s a week from 20 years of no planned exercise. 2 x 21 day trail hikes, Dusi Marathon in 2011 and various hikes. All my aches, pains and ailments have gone. I love the fact that it is out door and can…


“4 months ago I started with Kirsten, I really enjoy the fact that every single session is different. The results are there. The commitment from Kirsten and myself has been fantastic. Kirsten has never missed a session. The professional manner…


” A year ago my journey started with personal training after a 5 month injury & some weight to lose. Within a few months my overall strength & fitness improved, performing exercises I never believed possible. Kirsten has patiently…


A year ago I was referred to Kirsten and at the time had a significant shoulder injury that I was battling with. I also had a recurring back issue, which saw me go overseas in a wheelchair the year before. The decision to see Kirsten three times…


I started adventure fitness last year 2017 August with Kirsten not having exercised in many years after having my kids and breaking my ankle which resulted in very limited movement in my ankle. After the first two month I could see results.…


I have been going to a personal trainer for a number of years now and building on my strength and fitness. I felt that I had got a lot stronger but perhaps was losing some flexibility as I aged( I am 57 now). Someone recommended that I chat…


“A year ago I did my first trail run- 8km. I completed it and was so happy! A year later I finished the 3 Cranes challenge- just under 100km over 3 days. My goal was to complete it comfortably without injury. Thanks to Kirsten I achieved…


Highlights from the Self Preservation Seminar



So I have been training Clients for over 8 years this March. To celebrate I am inviting all my old,new clients and people I have yet to meet to join us for a great cause. We will be raising money for Ryan Walker. Joining hands with some great…
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