Before I started training with Kirsten I didn’t actually do any strength exercises. I never saw the importance of strength. Since I’ve started training with her I have improved a lot in my strength and on my bike. I feel much more comfortable when out on my bike. It was a real eyeopener for me to see how I have developed and how I have improved in strength and on my bike. She knows your body and knows exactly how to help you to become the ‘BEST YOU’ you can be. Training with Kirsten was one of the best choices I’ve ever made

I started strength and conditioning training with Kirsten last year, first online and then I moved to Hilton where I train with her about 3 times a week.
Before, I used to struggle a lot with bad lower back and shoulder pain, as well as a knee problem. Since I started with Kirsten, these things were no longer such a problem and I can now ride for hours without any pain! The improvement I’ve seen in my performance on the bike has also been incredible, all the muscles that are required to perform on the bike are firing and my upper body and core are stronger and conditioned which means I have much more control over my bike!
Training with Kirsten really made me stronger both mentally and physically and it helped me to push my limits.

“I have been going to Kirsten for nearly 2 months and already I can feel the difference. I am a competitive cyclist and I have seen a massive improvement in my performance and results.  Since I have been going to her I have felt more comfortable on the bike and more confident in my ability to climb as I no longer fatigue as quickly as I used to.

Since I’ve been training with you I’ve felt so much stronger physically and mentally. I’ve been able to push myself harder in your workouts trying to get better and better and I feel like I’ve achieved personal goals that I have never thought possible before. While riding I also felt a huge difference after such little time training with you. I’ve been feeling so much stronger and more comfortable while riding as my muscles are getting stronger. I love how the training fits in with my cycling training, unlike the strength I’ve done before so I’m able to push myself harder on both sessions knowing they won’t affect the other. I’m believing in myself more and more and I’m so excited to keep going and hopefully get some results when the racing season starts up again.

I have consistently trained with Kirsten once a week since the beginning of April.  Apart from being sore and stiff for a few days after a proper session, I could feel a massive difference while training on my road bike – the important muscles that requires activation for cycling were firing properly and consequently my style of riding improved immediately, without me even thinking about it.  I felt more resilient and powerful on the bike. 

After 4 weeks of strength training, I competed in the Aquelle Tour Durban and got my first podium finish in the elite ladies category.  The following weekend I achieved another top 5 result in the cycle100 classic – both races ended in a sprint finish, something in which I generally did not perform well in the past.  I am starting to gain real confidence and power in my sprinting and endurance levels. 


Spending more time in the gym has immensely helped me to improve my posture on and off the bike. I have noticed a big change in my posture on the bike, having a stronger core and body has made big differences in my racing, especially towards the end of races where you tend to get tired and you start making mistakes due to a weak core. Strength and conditioning is just as crucial as training on the bike and is personally for me a super fun part of my training.

Professional Athlete

Our guest is an incredibly talented athlete. He has a wealth of experience and insight to share out of that.

Come learn or be inspired to get out of your comfort zones!

Entry is free, come and show up!

Phase 1 was of our self preservation workshop was a huge learning experience for the ladies.
We discussed environmental awareness, dealing with conflict,escalation of confronting situations and tools at your disposal when all else has failed. Phase 2 will deal with ground defense (Brazilian jijujitsu). Position, escape or submission. 16 March , 8am , Engineering Fitness Hilton. To book your spot go to . Hosted by Mustang Athletic Mixed martial arts (Wayne Raman)

Today we got to see women empowered, educated and inspired by an incredible master of his trade.. @wayne_raman_mustang_athleticSo proud to have you on team.. Stay tuned for our next seminar .

Posted by Kirsten Hansen Engineering Fitness on Saturday, 23 February 2019