Working towards a goal is like working for a marathon. I can say this because I have decided to be brave and run my first marathon ever. I also chose the most difficult one. The route takes a symbolic journey of Madibas struggle.
Well, training people to work for a goal over one-self feels entirely different. The confidence in what you know and give feels like do I really trust myself in this process? But it comes to each of us, this question, is the belief in who you are, is it there? Do you feel good enough, worthy enough. Because that answer will tell on race day. Often we think all the work in life happens in one event (the race), but really it is the hours and hours of decisions, discipline, choices we make that will affect our race day of life.

For me I had many moments where I didn’t want to go for that long run, my mind was telling me I am tired, I don’t feel like it. But if I did not discipline my body I know I will suffer on Sunday. Every thing we do today affects our tomorrow. Weather it is a physical race or a analogy with regards to life. I do not punish myself on the past of poor choices, the day I slipped up with my eating and training, I keep pressing on for the reward. Stop and look, are you berating yourself on bad choices and you see yourself as a product of your circumstance? Or will you look to the price of a more rewarding life no today for a better tomorrow.
There will be up hills, sometimes seemingly never ending or there be moments of needing a short rehydrate, filling yourself with the right ingredients to keep you going for next push. Then those moments of giving up, have queues and things that will inspire you to keep going. I asked my client what is his key in getting moving forward when he has hit the wall. He replied thankfulness, it shifts your focus.

Find your shift and keep going. You are stronger than you know!! Find your goal, put in the work and the rewards will pay off.

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