I have consistently trained with Kirsten once a week since the beginning of April.  Apart from being sore and stiff for a few days after a proper session, I could feel a massive difference while training on my road bike – the important muscles that requires activation for cycling were firing properly and consequently my style of riding improved immediately, without me even thinking about it.  I felt more resilient and powerful on the bike. 

After 4 weeks of strength training, I competed in the Aquelle Tour Durban and got my first podium finish in the elite ladies category.  The following weekend I achieved another top 5 result in the cycle100 classic – both races ended in a sprint finish, something in which I generally did not perform well in the past.  I am starting to gain real confidence and power in my sprinting and endurance levels. 


Spending more time in the gym has immensely helped me to improve my posture on and off the bike. I have noticed a big change in my posture on the bike, having a stronger core and body has made big differences in my racing, especially towards the end of races where you tend to get tired and you start making mistakes due to a weak core. Strength and conditioning is just as crucial as training on the bike and is personally for me a super fun part of my training.

Professional Athlete

“From not sleeping well, battling with aches and pains to now sleeping better, pain has gone and endorphin kicks. I love that it is varied, the company is great and supportive and I can train at my own pace”

“Bootcamp has transformed my life, suffered a back injury for 5 years , became strong and fit enough. I can do things to the extent I would not have considered to do fresh out of school”

” In 4 months I lost 15 kg’s, exercised 3 times a week, adjusted my eating plan and love exercising now”

“Bootcamp has changed my life I lost 20kg’s in 6 months and loads of cm, ran my first 10km and then 21km in 2017”

” Over 7 years of doing Bootcamp 3 x’s a week from 20 years of no planned exercise. 2 x 21 day trail hikes, Dusi Marathon in 2011 and various hikes. All my aches, pains and ailments have gone.
I love the fact that it is out door and can train at my own pace”

“4 months ago I started with Kirsten, I really enjoy the fact that every single session is different. The results are there. The commitment from Kirsten and myself has been fantastic. Kirsten has never missed a session. The professional manner in which she carries out her job is brilliant. I highly recommend Kirsten as a personal trainer to anyone and enjoy the same results as I have”

” A year ago my journey started with personal training after a 5 month injury & some weight to lose. Within a few months my overall strength & fitness improved, performing exercises I never believed possible. Kirsten has patiently helped me conquer my fears & keeping my attitude positive toward sport/running. She is happy to share her expert knowledge, tips through encouragement & dedication. Her positive outlook & attitude has been amazing and look forward to this coming year ahead. ”