About us.

KH is owned and run by a fully qualified Biokineticist, Kirsten Hansen. She is a passionate individual who loves training people and seeing them achieve their results.

She has filled her CV with internationally recognized courses, is affiliated and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and Biokinetic Association.

KH has been running since March 2010 til currently.

The heart is to change lives doing functional movement patterns, by educating clients to invest in their future by improving their health and fitness. More than  11 years of experiencing training clients, KH is confident in getting results and getting overall movement, well being and putting back confidence in peoples lives.

KH has joined forces with Mustang Athletic and this power pair will be adding in a mix that has yet to hit Hilton. Wayne has vast experience in MMA, kick-boxing, OCR and many modes of training techniques. His cv is filled with loads of experience and success in his own right.

Please feel free to join us, in a non threatening fun and hard working enviroment!!