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Our passion is people reaching their dreams and goals through movement, weather it is MMA, KICKBOXING,JIU JITSU  STRENGTH TRAINING OR DANCE. We believe that motion is lotion! We love to see how the confidence in people grow in leaps and bounds weather in their fitness, belief in their ability or themselves. Here you are not just a number. This is a platform for you to be launched into finding your flow and becoming a better version of yourself. We are a team of uniquely different individuals who are passionate in their respective fields. We believe classes and personal training platforms provide the best structure to help people on their journey, rather than aimlessly wander through a gym and not know what to do. We are constantly striving to bring the best and latest information regarding our respective fields so you are in the best care and get the best training we can possible give and we believe as a result strength will find you. Physically, mentally and emotionally!

Who is Kirsten?

Kirsten is a qualified Biokineticist (Honours Biokinetics), a champion coach & the CEO of KH Engineering Fitness. Kirsten has a passion for people and has worked with a diverse range of people, from those requiring high performance conditioning to those with injuries. She also enjoys training those who simply want to achieve their personal fitness goals. As a coach, Kirsten’s determination and tenacity has allowed her clients to achieve and even exceed their personal goals and expectations.Kirsten creates individualized programmes to ensure that each client progresses and improves, regardless of their starting point.Under the umbrella of her company, she has achieved national and global reach, allowing her to remain up to date with the latest trends in fitness and health.

Our Team

We are all passionate individuals who are striving to be the best in our respective trades. We believe in being current in what is out there to give the best methods and training systems for our clients.
Amongst us there are many years of experience and we all want to give each of our clients a great training experience. Leaving our space feeling confident in themselves and letting strength find them.

Kirsten Hansen

Founder and Owner of KH Engineering Fitness


Founder and owner of Mustang Athletic

Bonwabise Mava Mbontsi

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of BoNana Dance

Gym Collab

Nadja Bartel

Co-Founder and Artistic Director of BoNana Dance

Gavin Raubenheimer

Owner of Peak High Mountaineering


Elite Piloxing Instructor


Yes, provided you have done the online indemnity form and made your upfront payment.

The first session you come to is the start of your month for classes or your first session marked on personal training.

Personal training is subject to available time slots discussed between you and the trainer.

Please see our timetable with all available times.

You can slot in the classes no matter what fitness level you are at. The classes are designed that, all fitness levels can join,and where are there to assist and adapt to help you get maximum benefit.

Comfortable training clothes and shoes, don’t forget your towel and water bottle is mandatory.

Visit the official COVID-19 government website to stay informed:sacoronavirus.co.za
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