“From not sleeping well, battling with aches and pains to now sleeping better, pain has gone and endorphin kicks. I love that it is varied, the company is great and supportive and I can train at my own pace”

“Bootcamp has transformed my life, suffered a back injury for 5 years , became strong and fit enough. I can do things to the extent I would not have considered to do fresh out of school”

” In 4 months I lost 15 kg’s, exercised 3 times a week, adjusted my eating plan and love exercising now”

“Bootcamp has changed my life I lost 20kg’s in 6 months and loads of cm, ran my first 10km and then 21km in 2017”

” Over 7 years of doing Bootcamp 3 x’s a week from 20 years of no planned exercise. 2 x 21 day trail hikes, Dusi Marathon in 2011 and various hikes. All my aches, pains and ailments have gone.
I love the fact that it is out door and can train at my own pace”

“4 months ago I started with Kirsten, I really enjoy the fact that every single session is different. The results are there. The commitment from Kirsten and myself has been fantastic. Kirsten has never missed a session. The professional manner in which she carries out her job is brilliant. I highly recommend Kirsten as a personal trainer to anyone and enjoy the same results as I have”

” A year ago my journey started with personal training after a 5 month injury & some weight to lose. Within a few months my overall strength & fitness improved, performing exercises I never believed possible. Kirsten has patiently helped me conquer my fears & keeping my attitude positive toward sport/running. She is happy to share her expert knowledge, tips through encouragement & dedication. Her positive outlook & attitude has been amazing and look forward to this coming year ahead. ”

A year ago I was referred to Kirsten and at the time had a significant shoulder injury that I was battling with. I also had a recurring back issue, which saw me go overseas in a wheelchair the year before. The decision to see Kirsten three times a week for personal training has honestly been one of the smartest moves ever. I have never been a gym or exercise person so I would be lying if I said that I was in any way enthusiastic. I simply saw it as necessary in order to age as healthily as possible after having led a fairly sedentary life so far. Kirsten’s enthusiasm has been a winner and I won’t miss a session unless I have to. She is hugely knowledgeable and does ongoing research, which makes our sessions interesting and varied. On top of that she is just lovely to work with and makes it fun and goal orientated. At this stage I have no physical pain at all and am doing things like running regularly that I never would have dreamt of doing previously. In fact I am taking enormous pride in being a ‘gym’ girl and loving it. The benefits have been significant and I think Kirsten is stuck with me for life!!!! Kirsten you are amazing and I feel very grateful for your ongoing guidance and wisdom.

I started adventure fitness last year 2017 August with Kirsten not having exercised in many years after having my kids and breaking my ankle which resulted in very limited movement in my ankle. After the first two month I could see results. My ankle felt great and I have more mobility than I had before. Every session is different so you don’t get bored and I always feel like I have achieved something after each session.

I have been going to a personal trainer for a number of years now and building on my strength and fitness. I felt that I had got a lot stronger but perhaps was losing some flexibility as I aged( I am 57 now). Someone recommended that I chat to Kirsten. She devised a plan for me and I have been seeing her twice a week for about 3 months now. We have been working on flexibility using dynamic stretching as well as activating my core and other areas of weakness I had. It has been a real eye opener for me and I have benefited hugely from the work we have done. It has transformed my posture and given me so much more strength for my usual gym routines and most importantly my flexibility has improved markedly. Kirsten does a lot of research and changes the routines continuously. It has been great fun working with her and I would recommend her highly as a personal trainer.